A downloadable library

fuwafuwa is a timer system for GameMaker Studio 2 designed to be 1. as simple to use as possible and 2. banish "alarms" to the depths of hell. We use it internally for our projects but have made it available as a separate open-source library.

fuwafuwa was made for GMS 2.2.5, but works in 2.3.0+ as well. If you run into problems in 2.3.0+, please re-import the asset package and try again, as the importer seems to break and wipe functions occasionally (this isn't a fuwafuwa thing, just a GMS thing).



fuwafuwa is published under the MIT License, and includes these easing functions under BSD license

Questions/bugs/feature requests

Please leave a comment below with any questions or suggestions, or ask in the Deerbell Discord. You may also file a bug report or feature request on GitHub.


fuwafuwa-1.2.0.yymp (Library) 71 kB
fuwafuwa-testproject-1.2.0.yyz (Example Project) 182 kB

Install instructions

Please view the setup guide for installation and initialization instructions.

Development log