BOMBARDMENT:hd 2.1.0 - Release Notes (& Linux build!)

hello again fans of space!!

We've released a version of Bombardment for Linux. It's been tested on Ubuntu 18.04 but should work elsewhere too. We've also released a Windows version, but there are only small bugfixes in it.

There are a couple GMS2 issues with Linux support - for example, the GNOME title bar application name is "Unknown". This is a longstanding bug in GMS2 nobody at YYG seems to care about fixing; I remember seeing someone mention it and the only suggestion was to change the name of your game to "Unknown", which is inventive.  Some of these bugs we can hack around, others (like that one) not so much.

We also can't promise gamepad support out of the box, as the default mapping of the 360 controller on Ubuntu appears extremely broken (like start presses the right trigger) and I don't know if this is something we should compensate for, since if everyone is using the correct mapping it will just appear broken again. As a result you will have to configure this yourself, although we might add a controller setup screen for the sequel. 

If you run into any other issues, please report them to, and we'll fix them if we can.

As a side note, we've wanted to bring Witchy Workshop to Linux, but the Box2D implementation is different, and it only runs "properly" (as in the puzzles are beatable) under Wine. In Wine, there is a shader crash we think we've addressed, but we don't have anybody to test it, and all our attempts to set up Wine have ended in dismal failure. If you're interested in testing this potentially Wine-compatible version, email us at Thanks!!!!!!!

Patch Notes

Thanks for dutifully playing BOMBARDMENT:hd|FW: CEASELESS ASSAULT OF ROCKS! until your computer caught on fire, and then replacing it with another computer that you kept in your closet in case something like this happened.




  • Black screen when going to tutorial
  • In some cases, tutorial would go to the second level after being completed instead of restarting
  • Use Pupi3 newest updated shared scripts library 
  • Further improvements to overall rock stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience


Bombardment (Linux) 9 MB
Version 2.1.0 Dec 09, 2019
Bombardment (Windows) 9 MB
Version 2.1.0 Dec 09, 2019


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