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Innumerable space objects are descending on our nice planet and really messing the place up. It’s a very dangerous situation out there and many people are unhappy with being constantly obliterated by the heavens. Thankfully, “DOME CITY” was constructed years ago, and you’re entrusted with its defense for whatever reason, in BOMBARDMENT:hd|FW: CEASELESS ASSAULT OF ROCKS!

It's time to slaughter these awful rocks and ice balls falling from the sky and menacing the world of Earth by using terrible weapons to pulverize them into harmless sand. The sand will be turned into beautiful sculptures of doves with angel wings in addition to their normal wings. Let's protect everyone from the large hell of space. 


  • A retro-nuclear souls-like voxel-crunch juice box
  • Instead of whatever that is, destroy hundreds, if not billions, of the astronomical objects we despise by firing assorted weapons into space for altruistic reasons
  • Over five levels, each intricately crafted by an accredited team of trusted level scientists
  • Supports the Microsoft Intellimouse and Xbox gamepads
  • You can download it for free and keep it forever. There is no limit to the amount of times you can play it unless you die or your computer breaks, and you probably won't want either to happen
  • Play with up to three friends (put each player on a button and one aims) if you hate them. If you have friends left over, tell them to control your circuit breaker for an extra challenge
  • If you don't beat the game, lots of people could get hit by asteroids, making this the first video game with choices. Deep philosophical questions emerge, like "what is ethics?" and "are things real?"
  • Dozens of great noises to record with your tape recorder and play back anywhere life takes you


Bombardment (Windows) 9 MB
Version 2.1.0 Dec 09, 2019
Bombardment (Linux) 9 MB
Version 2.1.0 Dec 09, 2019

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Big fun and sensible chuckle humor

It'd be neat to get a survive as long as possible mode

We're definitely planning something along those lines for the eventual sequel, but we might be able to do a more basic endless mode in a patch. It'd certainly feel more arcade-y that way!

I'm looking forward to it!