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Eudora is a lo-fi real-time strategy game inspired by classic DOS games like Dune 2 and the Command and Conquer series. Its prototype was produced for the DOS Games Jam.

As was common with games of this era, gameplay focuses on resource collection, power management, and basebuilding (including walls and other base defenses). A clickable minimap is enabled after building the Radar structure.

Ten buildable units (plus a superweapon ability) can be used to destroy the enemy forces across seven maps, including special stealth and survival scenarios, with some featuring bonus units not normally accessible without cheat codes.

Eudora is fully voiced, and the soundtrack was produced with OPL2 & OPM emulators.

Unit Profiles



Construction Yard
Facility for maintaining and building new structure. Unpacked from an MCV. For those ready to settle down in their life.

Power Plant
Converts local crops into clean, renewable energy as their decay slightly warms steam generated by a massive nuclear reactor. Automatically utilized by other buildings you have deployed, wirelessly.

Processing and storage for harvested food. Food is automatically sold at farmers markets with proceeds used to deploy troops and construct buildings. Comes with free harvester that will automatically begin collecting food.

Lodging for any infantry you may wish to requisition. Infantry won't fight for their lives without being paid, and there's a whole lot of them in there waiting to get paid.

Outpost with a spinning radar dish to enhance air defense capabilities that someone wound up one day and nobody knows how to stop. The spinning provides you with an overview of the battlefield on your interface.

Builds parts for vehicles. It also assembles the vehicles and hires people to drive them around!


Large concrete barriers used to keep the sensitive resources of the military-agricultural complex protected from threats, like public ownership.

MG Nest
Heavy machine gun tower that can take out light vehicles and infantry from a distance.

Emplaced gun turret that is effective against enemy armor.

Sends a request offworld to ready an N2 missile to be fired at the desired location. The authorization to use such a weapon is handled via blockchain resolution on-site by hacking everyone's computers.


Can't be built, but can be captured for their benefits

Owning a hospital slowly heals infantry over time.

Owning a hydroponics facility will slowly give you money over time.



Highly trained expert soldier with small arms, destined for greatness.

Soldier carrying an anti-tank weapon that could also be used on aircraft, if they were implemented.

Field engineer that can capture buildings you don't have control over. Unarmed and highly dangerous.

Heavily armored soldier with weapon capable of destroying lightly armored units like infantry and light vehicles.

Elite soldiers armed with a silenced shotgun and explosive charges and a stealth knife (unused). Rapidly decimates infantry at short range and can be ordered to infiltrate buildings, destroying them in the process.


Heavy tracked combine harvester used to gather local crops. Unarmed.

4x4 ATV armed with front mounted dual machine guns. Fast and lightly armored.

Heavy tracked vehicle sporting a high caliber gun that fires explosive rounds.

Rocket Tank
Light tracked vehicle that fires rocket artillery.

Bulldozer towing a wagon full of all the supplies needed to unpack into a Construction Yard.

Special Weapons

N2 Missile
Large "non-nuclear" di-nitrogen fusion warhead given enough fuel to just point at this planet and go fast instead of having to consider orbital mechanics.


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Version 2.1.0
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opl3 samples :-D


Awesome. Will there be a Linux version?

(1 edit) (+10)

It looks like everything works properly as-is on the Linux target, so one is available now!


You're now being followed by a bunch of wild pinguins out there. Thx for the port!

(1 edit)

That is extremly awesome! Do you plan to add Multiplayer sometime?

I am using Ubuntu 20 LTS and had to create some symlinks to match the specific library you used:

ln -s libcrypto.so.1.0.0 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so.1.1
ln -s  libssl.so.1.0.0 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libssl.so.1.1 and launch it via: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH ./Eudora

You need to flip those arguments in the first two commands for it to work...

damnit, wrote these from memory. 20+ years of linux and i think i will never get the order right

It has the same argument order as cp that's how I remember it


No multiplayer is planned for this release because of the codebase not being built around it, but Eudora 2 is being built with multiplayer in mind so we'll see! We're glad you could get it working, thanks for posting that information.

Awesome. Have some money.

Bought because Linux. Great game, having loads of fun!

(1 edit)

Also, will there be a version for Linux on arm? This on a Raspberry Pi would be so cool, under Raspbian. Pu tthis in PiKiss or Pi-Apps -- hundreds of players a day later.

(2 edits)

It's technically possible but we don't have the hardware or the kind of experience we already had with the x86 Linux build process right now to say one way or the other. If we pick up a Raspberry Pi at some point we'll certainly give it a try.

(1 edit)

This rules! I don't know how many hours I sunk into Dune II back in the day, but its one of my favorite games of all time. I read somewhere that you're working on a new/different project these days, but I hope to see you revisit RTS in the future, because this totally hits the nail on the head!

We're glad you enjoyed it! Yep, Cicadian (who did 100% of Eudora) is in charge of art for our very large project, Xenolith, but she really loves these games and is excited to do something else in the genre in the future.

I liked it, I'll wait for the next updates.


This game's schway.  Very schway.  Like it.  Old-school DOS RTS's.  Nothing like 'em.