Witchy Workshop 1.0.1 - Release Notes


This is a small update to resolve minor (mainly GUI-related) issues. A larger update to include puzzle improvements and new features will come later.

  • FIX: Windows Task Manager description was a zillion characters long
  • FIX: Setting "Quality" to Lowest in some circumstances made the background 2x normal size
  • FIX: Opening codex reset a puzzle's custom background color
  • FIX: Multiple dropdowns would share hover draw status if cursor was positioned just right
  • FIX: Leaving the screen counted as "exploded" for bomb-related goals
  • FIX: Particles and selection boxes could display over puzzle description page, so Red Bean Witch looked like her hair was on fire or something
  • FIX: Winstate shortcut in Settings would always return to main menu, even if you were in a puzzle beforehand
  • FIX: Downward Spiral could be solved with a single part in an obvious and not fun way
  • IMPROVEMENT: Windmill and crank now have (mostly) correct overlap zones
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update banner now directs to Itch, since we are using it as our main distribution point


Witchy Workshop (Windows) 24 MB
Version 1.0.1 Dec 01, 2018

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