Witchy Workshop 1.1.0 - Release Notes

Update 1.1.0 (02/03/19)

This update adds some new interface features and fixes many small miscellaneous issues.


  • "All" category to the parts bin, which lists all parts available to be placed in the puzzle across every category
  • Red Bean Witch portraits now in puzzle descriptions, not just codex entries
  • You can now keep the name and description panel closed when loading a new puzzle (check "Hide Info" box in Settings). This is to give players an option to look over the whole puzzle before checking the goal, because the frame is pretty big at present. This doesn't affect the Puzzle Select screen, just when a puzzle is loaded from that screen or via the "Next" button.


  • Now compiled against GMS 1.4.9999
  • Converted all draw_rectangle calls into stretched-pixel sprites for cross-platform compatibility and performance. We had to make a lot of small changes to how things display to get this right, so if you notice rectangle-related graphical glitches (such as misalignments, wrong width/height, or wrong transparency), please contact us!
  • First tutorial level now has a dashed box around the start button
  • Non-tutorial puzzles that can't be "uncompleted" now resolve much quicker
  • Some performance improvements for the UI
  • Streamline settings file loading
  • Automatically delete old versions' settings file to prevent problems


  • Newly placed objects couldn't be flipped/resized/etc without reselecting them
  • Left/top resize handles were 1px too small
  • Update check was using the non-HTTPS version of the site
  • "Version" capitalization inconsistency in 1.0.1 settings file
  • Settings shortcut to go back to the win screen now resumes the music
  • Removed some unused Unicode for cross-platform compatibility
  • Updated version strings for cross-platform compatibility
  • Further improvements to overall dog stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience


Witchy Workshop (Windows) 24 MB
Version 1.1.0 Feb 03, 2019

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